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I have been searching for why this happens for some time, and I can't find anyone else who has my problem. Sometimes, Godot's user interface changes to different colors:

enter image description here

Everything in this window has a gradient on it, going from black to blue. This happens seemingly randomly sometimes while I'm working, and doesn't go away until I restart Godot. I am using Godot's default theme.

It has happened with different colors as well, such as yellow and blue.

Godot version 3.2.2
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are you on windows? looks like a linux theme

This could be a graphic card problem, do you have some display problems in other applications?
If this is unique to Godot you could pull an issue request in the project's github.

Which graphics card model are you using?

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You are using an outdated Godot version (3.2.2, but the latest is 3.3.2 as of writing). Many fixes were made to the renderer since then, so I recommend upgrading.

Also, try disabling batching in the project settings and see if the problem persists.

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