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Hello there!

I want to flip / rotate the entire stage with the player being the pivot.
I tried with rotating the Camera2D by 180°, which worked almost fine. The only problem I have is the ParallaxBackgrounds going crazy when rotating the camera. (I think they are rotating around global (0|0))

Is there a possibility to rotate the ParallaxBackgrounds and their Layers correctly? Or is there an even better approach to achieve this world-flip?

Best regards!

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I think you can rotate the currentscene for getting it you can get it using get_tree().get_current_scene()

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But doesn't it rotate around (0|0)?
Thank you! I'll try when I'm back home...

Dont forget to use backquotes (`) when writing code snippets, so that the underscores are not interpreted as italic tag, see http://godotengine.org/qa/1016/how-to-write-underscore-_-in-comments?show=1016#q1016

I fixed it here though :)

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You may prevent the rotation of the parallax background by ticking the option "unfollow camera" (I don't remember the exact name). I hope it helps ;-)

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There is only "Ignore Camera Zoom" for the ParallaxBackground

Yep, that's it! But I guess you might want your parallax to rotate as well... Not a good solution I suppose.

Isn't it possible to flip the entire viewport by 180°?

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You can parent whatever you want to rotate to a Node2D (I'll call it "NodeParent") and rotate that Node2D to result in rotation of everything under it (children) rotated by calling NodeParent.set("transform/rot",angle). (angle is a var holding the rotate angle). If it is not rotating around the desired point (center in your case) you may change it with NodeParent.set("transform/pos",SomeVector2) where SomeVector2 is just a Vector2 var whose x and y members hold the translational offset. PS: Make angle and SomeVector2 into export members to have the pivot and rotation adjustable in the editor and accessible to animations.

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Unfortunately, this doesn't work with ParallaxBackgrounds since they are CanvasLayers and rotate around (0|0)

A really doozy way is to make that parallax node a child to a different Viewport rendering to a texture via .set_as_render_target(true) then have a sprite display that texture in the main visible Viewport (the one you are rotating). it will rotate with the camera just like any other sprite would.

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Try to add CanvasLayer with negative Layer value:

enter image description here

Desired background image should be attached to it. In my case it's "Sprite 2".
Than in _process() of your Player's script (for instance) you write code like following:

get_parent().get_node("CanvasLayer/Sprite 2").set_rot(-get_rot())

So you just attaching inverted Player's rotation to your background.

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Or you can get current rotation of camera instead of player's rotation depending on your game design.

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