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Although Godot is a game engine and it does it job very good. But sometimes we do use Game Engines to make application which have lots of effects & animations.

I'm just curious that can we make Godot AudioStreamPlayer keep playing when we minimize app on Phone (Especially on Android)?

I'v tried but it just stop playing. Even i set it Pause Mode to Process.

Thank you all very much

Godot version 3.3.2
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As far as I know, Godot projects can't play background audio on iOS/Android because the OS will kill the app anytime it can to save battery. You have no control over this – the "keep background app alive" permission is not guaranteed to be 100% reliable.

A game engine isn't meant to run in the background as it would eat through the device's battery very quickly.

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Thank you so much for blazing fast answer. I't saved me a lots of time. :D

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