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I'm making a procedurally generated 3D dungeon crawler. I generated the level with GridMaps. In each level, there's meant to be a single merchant you can buy stuff from and a single exit to the next level.

I want these to randomly spawn on the floor of the level. I have some ideas, but none I can succesfully translate to code. The most obvious one is to choose a random floor tile and spawn it there. However, as I said, my brain capacity isn't enough to turn that to actual code that works. Any help? Thanks in advance

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Depending on your current code, you can probably do something like this

var new_one = merchant.instance()
new_one.global_translate = selected_tile.global_translate

Much of it depends on the structure of your project, but something like this should help you get it working

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Hmm, interesting! My biggest problem is choosing the random floor tile where the merchant spawns. The floor tiles are a different MeshInstance than the ceiling or the walls.

Here's my code:

    func _ready():
#Cave generation
    var current_pos = Vector2(0,0)

    var current_dir = Vector2.DOWN
    var last_dir = current_dir * -1

    for x in grid_size:
        for y in grid_size:
        # flood the entire grid from Vector3(0, 1, 0) to Vector3(120, 1, 120)
            $Navigation/GridMap.set_cell_item(x -40, 1, y -70, 0)
            $Navigation/GridMap.set_cell_item(x -40, 2, y -70, 0)

    for i in range(0, grid_steps):
        var temp_dir = dir.duplicate()
        var d = temp_dir.pop_front()

        while(abs(current_pos.x + d.x) > grid_size or abs(current_pos.y + d.y) > grid_size or d == last_dir * -1): 
            d = temp_dir.pop_front()

        current_pos += d
        last_dir = d



Basically it first creates two big solid planes (ceiling and walls) and then randomly generates a floor. After that it removes tiles over the floor tiles, creating these nice tunnels

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