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I am working on a simple 2D game of Android. It has 3 main scenes: A main menu, a level selection, and the level itself. In the editor the transition between scenes works smoothly. But when i export it to Android, it can only change form main menu to level selection, but not to the level itself.

I have tried using changesceneto, which turned the screen black when a level was selected. So at least i know that the button is working :)

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Make sure the casing of the paths to your scenes are correct; Android is case-sensitive, whereas Windows is not. So, if a scene is called This.tscn, loading this.tscn will work on Windows but not on Android.

Good to know..
But i aready checked the scene path a few times, as you might expect in this situation.
However, the scene name has a space, maybe that's the issue. (it's "Tactical Map.scn")

Edit: I now changed the scene to "Tactical_Map.scn".Still the same problem.
I also tried to export as .exe and that doesn't work either.

Turns out it was exactly that *facepalm* one little node tried to preload a texture i had written in lower case letters, failed, and caused the whole scene to go -> nil

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im useing the method change_scene(...). i never heard about change_scene_to(...)


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Yeah, I also use change_scene()


is for already loaded scenes.


> var sceneToLoad = preload("res://scenes/Scene_To_Load.scn")
> get_tree().change_scene_to(sceneToLoad)

ok thanks but i see your problem was a diffrent issue

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