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i just gets the Error listening on port 6007 or whatever number i changing it to for no reason, after i cleaned the godot settings folder.

im just testing my offline game in godot on my pc.
the game wont crash, no error messages, not even printing. so i cant even fix simple bugs because i dont know whats wrong.

when i closing the game get_tree().quit() the play buttton is still playing.

i tried 3.3.2, 3.3.1, 3.3.0 and still same issue.

any idea?

Godot version 3.3.2
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"While waiting for this to hit 3.2 anyone who has a similar issue can work around this as far as I can tell by adding a tailored plugin to each of their projects e.g. (with an altered range)"

extends EditorPlugin

const RANGE_MIN = 10100
const RANGE_MAX = 10200

func build():
    var interface = self.get_editor_interface()
    var settings = interface.get_editor_settings()
    var port = randi() % RANGE_MAX + RANGE_MIN
    settings.set('network/debug/remote_port', port)
    prints("Set port to in settings to", port)
    return true

"Managing to consistently get my client/server to connect to their respective debuggers when launching from the editor. It might be overly complex but it works for me so figured I would share in case someone is running into a similar issue."

It seems like this is a known bug with the workaround listed above. This might be fixed once a pull request is added to godot 4.0.

didnt work. godot do not even print text from the build function

Sorry, not sure what to tell you, my answer was a result of google-fu. I hope someone else will be able to help you. Calinou commented on the GitHub issue and he's pretty active here, hopefully he'll see this question.

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its just to restart the pc

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