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Heyy, I'm new to mobile game development but wanted to try making a small 2d top down shooter. :D

As movement/rotation control I used https://github.com/shinneider/godot_touchJoyPad Now I wanted to add a TouchScreenButton to add shooting capabilities because just shooting while moving felt a bit clunky.

My problem here is that the touch screen Button interferes with the joy Stick and leads to uncontrolable wobbling because the JoyStick thinks that its an input for itself. (The JoyStick alone works just fine)
I put both on a Canvas Layer, and the GamePad onto a seperate ViewPortContainer wich fills 2/3 of the screen. The GamePad is set to JoyStick and just Analog Tap to Show is set to on.
Is there any good way to be able to differanciate both touches so the dont interfere with each other? :/

Godot version 3.3 stable
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