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Im making this game on my mac and im about to go on vacation and want to work on the project while on vacation and code it on windows. Ive tried emailing myself the project and putting it on a hard drive and cannot seem to import it. How do i fix this?

Godot version 3
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Are there any errors when trying to import the project in Windows? My only guess is the difference between line feeds/line endings (LF, CRLF, and CR) in Windows and macOS. If this is the case, then I would suggest setting up a git repository for the project, and set git to handle the line endings.

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As Ertain said try using a git repo.
Personally I use both Linux and Windows without errors by having my projects stored on a separate drive.

So using something like GoogleDrive or DropBox or GitHub should be equally beneficial irregardless of OperatingSystems

Also rather that using the import project, use the Scan button and select your projects folder

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I tried doing that but exporting it through github it and importing it godot just said that the files are missing a .godot file. i also tried dropbox but then it just crashed my godot.

Definite "exporting" and "importing"

As said before it's not necessary todo any fancy tricks, simply copy your entire project folder and scan for it on your windows OS.

The git repo is simply to keep the project synchronized between all devices you intend to use as a workstation. More info here

If your project.godot file is missing then you'll need to recreate it

how do i recreate the .godot file

Create a new project then move your project files there

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