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im messing a bit around with the gd script and im trying to do something...

i want that if a label has the text hi, an other label writes also hi. i tried to do it like so:

func _process(delta):

if $Labelperson.text = "hi":
$LabelAI.text = "hi"

but this doesnt work.
Has someone an idea to solve this?
the error is "Unexepected assign"

(i dont usually speak english,so im sorry for any
spelling mistakes)

Godot version 3.3
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= is used to assign value to a variable or to a property in inspector so you can use

$label.text = "apple"

To assign value to text property of label.

Whereas to compare values you have to use ==. And hence:

if $label.text == "apple":
    print("labels text is apple")
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if $Labelperson.text == "hi":
$LabelAI.text = "hi"

you put = which means it changes, and == means is it equal to

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so, now i got another problem...
if i want to ask the question to the "AI", i can click a button or press enter.
but the if statement just gets called if you press the button, not if you you press enter.

this is my code:

func process(delta):
if Input.isactionjust_pressed("enter"):
$Labelperson.text = $TextEdit.text
$TextEdit.text = ""

if $Labelperson.text == "apple":
    $LabelAI.text = "ok..."

func onButton_pressed():
$Labelperson.text = $TextEdit.text
$TextEdit.text = ""

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Your code seems to be right. There might be some other errors. So try adding both enter keys in the input map for "enter" event. Cross check spelling of enter in both from input event and from your code. And remember "apple" and "Apple" are both different strings.

If still it don't work then add some print() like "enter key was pressed" , "if statement worked" etc. to check which part of code did not worked. And then act accordingly.

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