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How to create a timer that instead of tickingdown ticks up. I thought of doing a score system where every second it adds 1 to score but that doesn't give me time as a minute

Godot version 3.3
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The timer tick should only be thought of as an internal timer event. What is displayed on the screen should be as a result of your code logic processing the data. You connect the time_out signal from the Timer node to your function that updates whatever variables and UI you want to update such as the current time and score.

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You can use the delta value, make a variable called time and set it to 0, next in the func _process(delta) call time += delta, also you want dont want decimals so use the int method

var time = 0

func _process(delta):
time += delta


And that is basically it, the time will move up, the print is just for visualization.

Also if you want to do it as score you can do

score = time

if alive:
time += delta
time = time

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