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Hello everyone, I have tried to solve this problem multiple times but just can't wrap my head around it.
I basically have a Tab container with both an Inventory and Crafting tab. The Inventory tab is what causes the problem here. Every time I pick up an Item, a drag preview gets set as shown in my code:

func get_drag_data(_position):
    var itemIndex = get_index()
    var item = inventory.items[itemIndex]
    var dragPreview
    var data = {}
    if item != null:
        # Notify specific Objects that an Item has been picked up
        # so they stop working
        if Inventories.getFurnaceInventoryByID(inventory.id) != null:
        dragPreview = TextureRect.new()
        dragPreview.texture = item.texture
        dragPreview.set_scale(Vector2(5, 5))
        data.id = inventory.id
        data.name = item.name
        data.previousAmount = item.amount
        # Set unhandled data in case the Item doesn't get dropped anywhere
        Inventories.setUnhandledData(inventory, item, item.amount, itemIndex)
        # For half-splitting Item Stacks
        if Input.is_action_pressed("ctrl"):
            if item is Item:
                item.amount /= 2
                data.item = item.duplicate()
                inventory.emit_signal("items_changed", inventory.id, itemIndex)
                data.itemIndex = itemIndex
                data.split = true
                return data
        # For moving Items
            item = inventory.remove(itemIndex)
            if item is Item:
                data.item = item
                data.itemIndex = itemIndex
                return data

From what I understand, the drag preview should be freed automatically when the data is returned in getdragdata() and all signals should get disconnected. As soon as I drop the Item, I get this error. [TextureRect:11843] being my drag preview and [TabContainer:1444] being the Tab container:

E 0:00:07.955   _disconnect: Attempt to disconnect a nonexistent connection to signal 'renamed' in [TextureRect:11843], with target '_child_renamed_callback' in [TabContainer:1444].   <C++ Error>   Condition "signal_is_valid" is true.   <C++ Source>  core/object.cpp:1569 @ _disconnect()

My tree looks like this:

On runtime, the Inventory slots get added to InventoryDisplay which look like this:

Please let me know if you need any more information

Godot version 3.3.2 (Stable)
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