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hello, So i am trying to access the "cost" and "wear" to use the values but don't really know how to.

This is the dictionary:

var shop_items = {
"Engine": {
"Ignition Coils":{"cost":30, "wear":0},
"Spark Plugs":{"cost":40, "wear":0}
"Brakes": {
"Brake Pads":{"cost":50, "wear":0},
"Brake Discs":{"cost":70, "wear":0},
"Cylinder":{"cost":30, "wear":0}

i tried with this in a for loop but it returns null:


If somebody can tell me how to get the cost and wear values, i will really appreciate. Thank you

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2 Answers

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The way I like to access stuff from dictionaries is like this

This will return the 30 in your code.

I think get() on a Dictionary is only more useful in some cases because it returns null rather than throwing an error if a key is missing. In my opinion I'd rather have an error thrown if my Dictionary isn't setup right or isn't being accessed right.

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Here is an example how you can work with Dictionaries and how you can iterate over one.

func _ready() -> void:
    # get values
    print(shop_items["Engine"]["Ignition Coils"]["cost"])
    # Iterate 
    for items in shop_items:
        print(items, shop_items[items])
        for part_func in shop_items[items]:
            for properties in shop_items[items][part_func]:
                print(properties, " ", shop_items[items][part_func][properties])
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