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hi, im triying to make an gameoverscrene.
in the gameoverscreen, you can press R to respawn.
if i press R while the screen isnt visible i respawn also.

func process(delta):
if Input.is

where and how do i have to write "and gameoverscreen.visible=true:" ?
cos it doesn't work if i set it after the ("r_respawn")

Godot version 3.3
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Is it a 3d game?
If yes then have you added any camera node? For 3d games its very important to have an camera3d node. So just try adding an camera 3d node to your scene

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i know that :)

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it's almost a complete 3d game. it's a first person game, and my problem is that i want the gameoverscrene in the same scene as the game itself. the gameoverscrene is in 2d and you see it, if you die.
I have programmed that when you press r, you respawn, and when you press q, you come to the main menu. but if you press r or q, even if you are not dead yet, you respawn or you will be brought to the main menu anyway. that's why I wanted to use "and" in the if statement, but I don't know how to do it. so i came here.

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Got it!
You mean 2d in 3d...
Watch this video and see if you can do it https://youtu.be/37hEX3Lrc0A
Or else right click on gameoverscreen and select save branch as scene. Then you need to use

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ok, but i want that you see the 3d scene also after you die, like in minecraft.
i made also a red effect.

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I exactly got your answer. You just need to change the root to node rather than spatial. Then you can simply use


Just after ("r_respawn")
This worked fine for me :)

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