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Привет! Я бы хотел создать таймер в моей игре. Есть ли какой то способ сделать таймер в Label? Это можно так же использовать как время,проведенное в игре. Спасибо за все ваши подсказки!

Hey! I would like to create a timer in my game. Is there some way to make a timer in the Label? This can also be used as the time spent in the game. Thanks for all your tips!

Godot version 3.3.1
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You can create timer by writing this code (sorry, it is c#):

Timer timer = new Timer();
timer.Connect("timeout", this, "OnTimerTimeout");
timer.WaitTime = waitTime;
timer.OneShot = false;

void OnTimerTimeout()
   // there should be some code to execute when the timer expires

For more detailed information you can look in documentation.

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Okay, thanks a lot anyway. But is there really no even simple alternative to the timer in GDScript?

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