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Question is simple. Can u add collisions to a line thet's drwan by draw_line function

Godot version 3.2
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Yes, but you will have to make your own collision shape and place it where the line is. Lines do not just have collision on their own.

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Yes here is a code snippet that I use to basically do that, excepts with a raycast and line2D node, but the principle is the same.

if raycast.is_colliding():
        var coll_point = raycast.get_collision_point()
        laser.points[1] = to_local(coll_point)
        particles.global_position = coll_point

        var shape = RectangleShape2D.new()
        var half_way_amount = (global_position - coll_point)/2.0
        var center_point = global_position - half_way_amount
        shape.extents.x = half_way_amount.rotated(rotation).x

        $CollisionShape2D.shape = shape
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