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Hello Guys.

If I wanted to learn to program, not necessarily to make games, what would be the best option?

I like to program using engines because I can see what I'm learning in practice, I don't have the creativity to create a game, but I like the feel of seeing codes becoming mechanics in the game.

The question is, is it better learn to program in Pygame to learn more about Python, or am I just taking a harder path for no reason? If I keep learning GDScript will I be able to program without an engine?

I've seen questions related to this one, but mostly they were people interested in creating games.

Thanks for read, and sorry for bad english (using google translator again).

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Python and gdscript aren't too dissimilar, there's a lot more people who use python so you'll have an easier time with the basics.

Still if you want to make games godot does a lot more for you.

Pick one to learn for a month and the switch and learn the other, once you've learnt a language the second one is easier and you've got a reference.

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Thank you, I will follow your advice.

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I would recommend you start with gdscript because as you say you will be able to see what you are doing directly which is a real motivator. When you gain skills in programming using gdscript it will be easier to grasp languages such as python because the principles of programming don't change much when you switch from one language to another. You will be able to program using IDEs not just engines later. I feel its best to start where you feel most comfortable especially if you are learning by yourself.

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Thanks, I'll try both and see which one I feel more comfortable with.

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You could also get ideas by looking at this channel https://youtube.com/c/KidscancodeOrg

It's not just for kids if you are learning pythonesque programming with either pygame or godot

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I already watch this channel, because of it that the question between Pygame or Godot arose. I really like the way he teaches, and now i'm watching the Python series. Thank you!

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