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I'm currently making a character creator for my game. The way you use it is by putting an image and a text file in the user folder.

The image is a sprite sheet, and the text file defines the coordinates in which the image will be cropped.
To crop the frames, i'm using the Image.get_rect() method. Then, i add the images as frames in a SpriteFrames node, and use the ResourceSaver class to save the resource in the user dir.
The problem is: those saved SpriteFrames weigh an ungodly amount more than the original files, even when i use the "compress" flag in the save() method.

Why does this happen?

enter image description here

Godot version 3.3.1
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What's in the file? You should be able to open it in a text editor.

All it has are the elements that define the color of every pixel and the (very few) lines that define each one of the animations.

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This is likely because the image data is embedded into the file. If you save this file as a .tres file, binary data will be encoded as Base64, making it at least 33% larger. It will also load and save slower compared to a binary file.

To avoid this, save the SpriteFrames resource as a binary .res file, or better, ensure that all images are saved as external .png files.

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Thank you so much! The resource files are still heavier than the original files, but have reduced in size by 50mb. I honestly can't thank you enough!

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