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Hello! I am quite new to godot. I was trying to make a game where the user could save information, and I stored that information on multiple textfiles (using right-click on folder, new resource, textfile) and it still works. Problem is, while I was trying to organise my scripts, I, through right-clicking the textfile on the script panel and clicking "close", closed all my textfiles. A few moments later, I was going manually edit them, but when I tried to open, nothing happened. Is there any way to open and edit them? I also tried to go to file>open>(file) but it said could not load file at: (file's path).

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Did you manipulate them from outside godot, Maybe moved them?

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Huh, how weird. I thought this happened to everybody, so I asked, but it seems like some kind of glitch happened. I created a new one and it worked. As I remember everything I had written on those files it will be easy to recreate them. Maybe it was something that I did though. I'm sorry for mistakenly asking about this.

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