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ok, I know the title doesn't seem very clear but i really want to ask a question if i can do something in the game export on godot.

The question is if I can "export" (I don't know if that's the right term) a folder with my game.

example: In my game I have a folder called "Assets", and inside it I have all the images and other files like ".json". And I have another folder called "Source", and in that folder is where the programming and scenes are.

So, what i want to do is when i export my game, the "Assets" folder will be exported along with the ".exe".

And if the player enters into the folder and edits the images or another file, it will be modified in-game.

That's it...

PS: Sorry if i wrote something wrong, I am not a native speaker in English :(

Godot version 3.3
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When you export the game as exe, Assets and Source folder is not used by the exe, instead, all resources are packed in to a .pck file at the same folder as the exe. You should be able to share the folder (that exe file and pck file) to friends to try your game :)

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