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I'm new to Godot, but I'm having some issues finding the settings of the built-in text editor. In particular, I'm trying to change the current behaviour, which is that 4 whitespaces get converted into 1 tab whenever one saves. I would actually like to:

  1. Have eventually the opposite conversion, so saving converts tabs into spaces;
  2. Have an indentation setting that allowed me to set n (e.g. 4) whitespaces as indentation and then that pressing TAB actually inserts such n spaces instead of a \t.

Does exist anything like that?
Do I need to open an issue on GH to propose that?

P.S. I think this is a standard of modern code editors, including VS Code and PyCharm

Godot version 3.3.1.stable.mono
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If you've figured out the solution to your problem, then reply to your question with the answer.

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I just realised how to achieve that!
From the top menu, find and press on Editor -> Editor Settings.

Menu that appears when clicking "Editor" from the top menu, showing "Editor Settings"

It will open a new window and you will find on the left, the item Text Editor with subitem Indentation. There, you can change Type from Tabs to Spaces. I recommend you leave Size to 4 and that you enable Draw Spaces.

image "Indentation"">

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