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Hi, I am trying to make an AI to play against the pc. The pc is a cannon and has to catch a ball. So I am moving the cannon to the actual ball position, but I need to rotate the cannon to the opposite direction that is facing the ball, like this:

enter image description here

or like this, when ball hits a wall:

enter image description here

I have created an Area2D that detect when the ball enters the area, so I have the ball saved, and I can get the getlinearvelocity() every frame, but is not working, honestly
I don´t know how to do it and I tried a lot of things and I am always getting something that is not the actual direction of the ball

Cannon.rotation = (ball.get_linear_velocity().angle() + deg2rad(180))

that line of code above works for the first image, but not when the ball is hitting something and changing completly the direction like in the second image.

Godot version 3.3
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Maybe you should just use look_at method.
Refer to the docs here.

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Yes I tried it too and not worked, the only vector that I tought it was cannon.lookat(ball.getlinear_velocity()), any other vector that I should try?

You should try cannon.look_at(ball.global_position)

Thanks!!, I don´t know why global.position didn´t come to my mind, I feel a little silly, Also I don´t know why but I have to add 90 degrees to the cannon after look_at() to get the cannon working, instead it looked to the left and not to the direction of the ball

The sprite has to face +x direction which is 0°.

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