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For some reason, the graphics for my game don't look very smooth.
You will see what I mean from this photo

Godot version v3.3.stable.official
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The photo shows nothing useful to answer this question.
Paste your code instead.

What do you mean "very smooth"? Maybe you're using the wrong scaling settings?

I don't have any code in my project.

Well then what's the issue? I don't really see anything obviously wrong from your image

Oh. So basically, I loaded some images into Godot and pressed play. All of my images came out pixelated.

Like in the screenshot you posted? I'm sorry, I don't really see any pixelation in your images.

I don't know why that is. Do you see it in this image?https://ibb.co/h9Zwrtc

Yeah I see it now. Did you resize the images in Godot? Did you resize the window? What are you import settings for the image (import tab is next to the scene tree).

I didn't resize the window or resize the images. My import settings are default.

Okay and the images are not pixelated originally? Can you post the original images?

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Do you have a high DPI monitor? (e.g. most Mac displays run at 'retina' resolutions) If so, you may need to enable hidpi in your project settings. Go Project > Project Settings > Window > Allow Hidpi.

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