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I'm trying to create an inventory like in Resident Evil 4 with Control nodes. So I'm trying to implement rotation with the drag and drop functions in Control nodes

I keep a reference to the itemPreview and then do a rotation by 90 degrees everytime a button is pressed:

itemPreview.set_rotation(itemPreview.get_rotation() + deg2rad(90))

Now in the location where I'm dropping the item, I do some intersect tests between the item i'm dragging and all the other item rects. Everything works correctly before I rotate anything. After rotating, it seems to still be using the old rect positions(?) I'm not sure exactly what's going on. I hope the screenshot I included helps. And here's the code for testing whether I can drop an item or not:

func can_drop_data(_pos, data):
var canDrop = true

var items = get_children()

for item in items:
    if item == data.item:
    if item.get_global_rect().intersects(data.itemPreview.get_global_rect()):
        canDrop = false

return canDrop

screenshot link if it didn't work: https://imgur.com/a/nwS3x2m

Godot version 3.3.1
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Looking at the docs for Rect2, rotation isn't mentioned at all. I think the rectangles aren't capable of being rotated. Unfortunately you might have to use Area2Ds for this.

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Yeah the rotation seems to be part of the Control nodes. Although the rotation variable is listed in the Rect section of the editor when using Control nodes...

I did find a workaround by switching to TextureRects and just having two textures. A vertical one and a horizontal one. When you press the rotate button I just swap between the two. I don't rotate anything, the Rect size just changes to fit the texture. I then change the Rect size to be (0, 0) so the box shrinks to match the size of the texture. This fixes all of my intersection issues.

I am considering just using Node2Ds instead for the inventory though... I would have to do the drag and drop stuff myself instead of using the Control functions but that's fairly easy. And I guess I can just instance a popup menu button on the Area2Ds for an options menu.

Anyways, thank you for answering.

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