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Hi there! I'm looking to make a moving platform that follows checkpoints, and I think it would be super easy to have that set up in an array, and since in the editor I can determine the size, would it be possible to auto fill that with the checkpoint node/scene and create a new instance each time?
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Godot version 3.3.1 stable official
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ok so this code works how I want it to, it adds the checkpoint I want as it iterates, but the only problem now is that they only show up in code and the console. I want to be able to modify them while in a level so I can quickly design levels

 var i = 0 
        var size = checkpoints.size()
        while i < size:
            var check =  preload("res://Assets/Generic Platforms/checkpoint.tscn")
            var inst = check.instance()
            checkpoints[i] = inst
            i += 1

You will need to do


in order to actually see your checkpoint scene in-game.
Also, it might be more readable to use a for-loop in this case, like this:

for i in (checkpoints.size()-1): #rest of the code here

instead of a while loop.

thanks for the advice on the for loop, I tried that at first but something errored out. Either way what i'm wanting is for it to show up in the editor, not in game. I just want to be able to quickly set the array size to 3, have 3 objects show up in the editor, and me be able to position them in a level.
I think instead of that I think i can just drag the same scene into the object, and have them auto assign, which is slower sure but its beter than nothing

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