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So, I am trying to make RigidBody2D behave like StaticBody after some event. For this purpose I use this code:

extends RigidBody2D

func _on_Bullet_body_entered(_body: Node) -> void:
  sleeping = true
  mode = MODE_STATIC

The problem happens when KinematicBody2D collides that node. It starts to behave like RigidBody2D again.

But if I set mode using godot interface it works perfectly, exactly how I need.

What am I doing wrong?

The left ball set static by code, the right one set static from interface

Also, the engine thinks that the object is static:

Godot version 3.3.1
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What is MODE_STATIC? Is it a variable you defined yourself? Can you try using RigidBody2D.MODE_STATIC instead?


It is a constant from RigidBody2D. I have just updated the code in my post to make it clear.

Can you try using RigidBody2D.MODE_STATIC instead?

Yeah, I tried this one too. The result was the same.

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