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I'm creating a couple of buildings and I figured I could use tilemaps to assemble them. Right now I am using about 5 tilemaps to create 1 building scene that I will use in the level scene of the game (which itself will have a few tilemaps).

Does having a lot of tilemaps hurt the game?

I just discovered I could even use sprite with the tilesheet though it is a bit hard to slice atlas to use with the sprites and each sprite will use a different texture with the same atlas, though I haven't understood how to work that one properly yet.

What should be the right way to do it?

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enter image description here

Godot version 3.3
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I would put the components of the building into their own scenes and then load and also delete them as needed. That way the game doesn't overload so quickly.

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That is what I will be doing either way. Just wanted to understand if using the sprite node be more economical or the tilemap node.

Especially since in tilemaps I can specify tiles to obey certain zindex rules while in a sprite node it would be applied in the entire sprite.

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