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I'm creating a game in which I need to create a list of colors, but the player can only choose 4 colors at once, how can I do that?

obs: I've tried ItemList and PopupMenu so far, and both didn't work as intended yet... And if you guys know any other way of doing it please feel free to share

Godot version 3.2.3
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I've already solved it. I've created 4 OptionButtons, that will accept only one color option each, and created an error message that shows up everytime two or more buttons have the same option checked :) Idon't know if it's the best solutions, but it has been working fine so far.

But anyway, thanks for the great ideas and investing your time on helping me.

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Would four separate colorpickerbuttons or colorpickers nodes help in your case?
This does mean that the same color could be chosen.

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You could try creating a list yourself with a bunch of buttons. Just keep track of which ones are selected and if more than four are selected, deselect the latest one.

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