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get("position") # Returns the expected value.

get("position:x") # Returns null

From the doc, I have to use ":x" to get to a vector component but using it on get() just simply returns null.

Edit: From the comment instead do get("position").x

Godot version 3.3
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get() is more used for times when you don't necessarily know what kind of node you're working with so you don't cause crashes by accessing a property that doesn't exist. Example:

for child in get_children():
    var child_position = child.get("position")
    if child_position != null:

If you know what node you're working with your should either access the property itself using node.property or if it is the node that the script is attached to: simply property or self.property (which calls the getter/setter).

You more than likely want to use self.position.x, position.x or some_node.position.x rather than get().

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when you don't necessarily know what kind of node you're working with

Well, this is actually the reason I'm trying to use get() but instead, it's not knowing what property I am working with.

I'm not sure I follow. If you want to access the x component of a Vector2 and you're not certain if the node you are accessing has a position property use this:

var my_node_position = my_node.get("position")
if my_node_position is Vector2: # can also use != null
   print(my_node_position.x) # prints the x component of the my_node's position if it exists

The "position:x" qualifier that you were attempting to use is used for NodePaths.
get() expects a String that is the name of a property of the node it is used on e.g. get("position").

Edit: Actually I got this now, I just need to change from
var path_x = str(property) + ":x"
input_x.text = str(connected_var.get(node_path_x))
input_x.text = str(connected_var.get(property).x)
Thanks for helping me out!
Just deeply reading your code and reminding me about .x

Alright, I am sorry for not quite very clear, not very good at talking, but I want to create some kind of vector input like in Godot inspector.
Vector Input GUI
When you enter the object and vector property path into this function.

var connected_object: Object
var connected_property: NodePath

func connect_property(object: Object, property: NodePath):
    # This var for to use in others function
    connected_object = object
    connected_property = property

    # Checks if the object or property path is null
    if not connected_var or not connected_property:

    # Split the path into x and y
    # If use "position" as a path
    var path_x = str(property) + ":x"#Should get "position:x"
    var path_y = str(property) + ":y"#Should get "position:y"

    # Finally should be displaying the property to the input but got null.
    input_x.text = str(connected_var.get(node_path_x))
    input_y.text = str(connected_var.get(node_path_y))

This function should be getting any Vector2 properties to display it to the UI, but display null.
All I have to do is figure out to split the Vector2 correctly; get() don't works with ":x". Please help me fix this or got another idea that works too.

Apologize in advance if you can't understand this.

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