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I'm currently creating a game that contains a chat feature. I'm working on the swear filter right now. I'm using replace() and right now it looks like: text.replace("naughty word", "* * *") but to get all the words that would be a bunch of lines of code. So I was wondering if I could store all the bad words into a variable, and then it would look something like:

var swear_words = (however you create a list)

text.replace(swear_words, "* * *")

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This always makes me laugh. You don't want swear words in your game so you ..... Drumroll please ........ Put all known swear words under the sun in your game. Lol.

So a tip, replace the word(s) with an empty string because
A ***ing sentence like this is pretty suggestive
And another @$#& one like this ain't any better

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The provided answers will work were you loop through the array and replace the text for each swear word.

You could also use a regex to replace the swear words in one replacement.

var r = RegEx.new()
var string = "This is a text full of swear words like swear1 or swear2 and even swear3. It even gets repeated swear1, swear2"
var replacedstring = r.sub(string, "* * *", true)

This prints

This is a text full of swear words like * * * or * * * and even * * *. It even gets repeated * * *, * * *
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You're looking for an Array (or PoolStringArray). You will need to loop through the array and check every word to replace, however.

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You need to use an array and a for loop as follows :

text = "Your string with swear words" 
var swear_words = ["word_1","word_2","word_3"]
for word in swear_words:
    text.replace(word, "****")

Replace the contents of text and swear_words with your text and swear words and it should work.

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