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Hi! i'd like to know if my apps will be compatible with this devices. I made a test with the Pong 2D tutorial and exported it as .apk, it installs normally but exists immediately at starting up. If compile with "Debugging Enabled" it throws an error message "Unfortunately, Pong 2D stopped working".

I checked the Compiling for Android doc page but still can't make it work.. Maybe someone can help me out?


asked Dec 5, 2016 in Engine by carlosuh (15 points)
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There is an option for disable neon while compiling android template.

scons p=android android_neon=no

you can see all options with scons --help in godot source directory.

answered Dec 5, 2016 by volzhs (9,002 points)
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Hey man thanks for answering. Do i have to compile the godot source code with this parameters or can i configure it from a file?. Sorry i'm really new with godot..

You need to compile from source to get android template with neon disabled.

Thanks i'll do that.

This is giving me an error related to arm_neon.h file in Android NDK folder.. the error just says: "NEON support not enabled". Then it ends with a fatal error message: "too many errors emited. Stopping now."

Is there anything else i need to change when compiling?.

I'm using: scons -j4 p=android android_neon=no target=release

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