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Guys... I test-published a simple project on itch.io to see if my save/load system would work. It works on desktop just fine. I read in the docs that res:// must be changed to user:// in a html5 export for itch.io, if one wants to be able to create save files. So I changed it and re-exported the project.

I uploaded my project to itch.io and it does save and load BUT only within a single session. If I reload the itch.io project page, or open it in a different browser or whatever, the save file isn't there any more. How can that be fixed?

Godot version 3.2.3
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The user:// directory should be in the user's cookies. Cookies are browser-specific so they won't work on another browser. But I'm not sure how you're getting a res:// path to work on desktop either since that directory is read-only when the game is running. Also, reloading the page shouldn't affect your saves.

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