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I'm trying to open Godot. I don't know linux and I just started with it. Don't really know what to do. I already put it in files but I don't know how to open it. I don't know what type it is, so I think it's Debian.

Edit: I am on Chrome OS.

Godot version v3.3
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Potentially stupid question, but did you download the Linux version of Godot? Linux PCs can't run .exe's without emulation.

I'm on OS.
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From wikipedia:
Chrome OS is a Gentoo Linux-based operating system
"Since 2013, it has been possible to run Linux applications in Chrome OS through the use of Crouton, a third-party set of scripts that allows access to a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu.[112] However, in 2018 Google announced that desktop Linux apps were officially coming to Chrome OS.[113] The main benefit claimed by Google of their official Linux application support is that it can run without enabling developer mode, keeping many of the security features of Chrome OS. It was noticed in the Chromium OS source code in early 2018.[114][115] Early parts of Crostini were made available for the Google Pixelbook via the dev channel in February 2018 as part of Chrome OS version 66,[116][117] and it was enabled by default via the beta channel for testing on a variety of chromebooks in August 2018 with version 69.[118]"

  • Did you download the Linux version of Godot?
  • Followup question: do you have a chrome book that supports running
    native Linux apps?

There's also the Godot browser based editor if you can't get it to work: https://editor.godotengine.org/releases/latest/

I know already, thanks. I just don't know how to do the commands in linux.

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Even in linux godot requires no commands to run. Just extracting the archive an double-clicking the godot icon.

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I haven't use ChromeOs, so I don't know if needed something special, but on arch linux, which I use godot just needed to run the binary file after the extraction.
So, extract the godot package to a folder and then from the file manager double click on the "Godotv3.3-stablex11.64" file. I don't think that this file will have the godot logo icon(it doesn't in my case).

If you get an error that there is no application accociated with this type(I don't have this problem with godot but if this happen), then open a terminal and run it by

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I use Linux Mint 20.1 and I install Godot via flatpak (you can serch in the flathub page), in this form I can see it in my aplications in the section of Develop.

Maybe it can help you.

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