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could someone give me a short explanation how to add physics to a 3d model (I have a car imported as glFT)? I've been looking for tutorials on that and haven't found any, only those that explain it in general.
I was trying adding a rigidbody, bt it demands a collision shape. How can I get it from my 3d car model?

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Create your RigidBody.
Add your car mesh as a child of this node.
Having the mesh node selected you will see a button appear on top of the 3d viewport saying 'Mesh'.
Click it.
Select create Convex Collision Sibling.

Now your car can detect collisions so you can use physics with it.

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Hi ! Thanks for the answer. But when I try to translate(Vector3) the rigid body, physics doesn't apply.
Upd. Ok, ok. I got it, I can't move rigid bodies directly, only by applying a force.

You can also use integrate_forces().

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