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for my 3d game, which will be a bit of flying-the player is actually a wind/breeze and flies in the autumn forest. So I need to set the FP camera...so that flew through the woods with the collisions with the ground, the trees and the max height which will be limited to a maximum over the Crown of the trees.
I'm starting to learn a little bit of Python and GDscripts but so far I am not able to write the script myself, so help would be welcome.

...the movement of the camera should be as for aircraft-the rising-rate slower braking, in curves should be tilt in the direction of curve and then straighten itself when a horizontal level flight.
Thanks everyone for the help.

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.....I think it will be useful for more people

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Maybe you can use this as a start:


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Thanks, I'll try

Another example project here.


Thanks, khairul169's 3rdperson camera is great!

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