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Yesterday I noticed that some modifier keys cannot be freely used in every case. Shift and Ctrl seem to work only when they are the last key pressed in a combination. For instance, if I have a character that moves with letter W and can move fast if I press shift, it works only if I press W first and then shift. If I press shift first, W is ignored.

I'm using isactionpressed in a fixedprocess. Is there some option I overlooked?

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Version of Godot and OS?

On 2.1.1 (at least on Linux) "action shift + action non-modifier-key" (like shift+W) are both detected.

Dev version may have a problem, probably related to the is_action_just_* methods.

You're right. I forgot essential infos.

Dev version on Linux xubuntu.

I shall try with 2.1.1

I tested on windows with version 2.1.1 and it works. I still need to test it on my main computer under linux.

The dev version solved a problem but still has the order issue with modifier keys (can't find it on GH).

If you press normal key then the modifier, reads both.
If you press modifier key then the normal one, ir reads the modifier and modifier(mask?)+normal.

Then, if you make an action for Shift+A, it will take as a special case, different to A+Shift.

That thing could be used as workaround checking combinations, but being a bug I don't know how will be really solved.

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