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i just wanted to know if saving games for android works the same as in the computer. Because i'm trying to seve a game in android this way:

`func save():
var save
game = File.new()
savegame.open("user://savegame.save", File.WRITE)

func load():
var save
game = File.new()
if not savegame.fileexists("user://savegame.save"):
savegame.open("user://savegame.save", File.READ)
t = savegame.getvar(et)
p = savegame.getvar(e_p)`

But is not working for android it is working fot the computer

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Yes they work the same way

In the block where you save your data and error is being produced.
Not entirely sure but Godot-Android seems to ignore blocks of faulty code to prevent crashes.


Use Remote Debugging under the Debug menu to catch and fix your problem

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