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Hi Q & A friends,

I’ve always wanted to make my own games.
So, long story short. I made the simplest game I could think of to start with. Hangman. Who could think such a simple game would be so much work! Designed simply as a way to learn how to traverse lists it's become so much more.

Look, in all honesty, it is what it is. It's hangman. I'm proud though that I finished it and I wanted to publicly post this to thank the people that have helped me at /r/gamedev /r/godot/ and the incredible amount of help I've received at the godot engine Q&A site.

The game can be found at the google play store here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.video_games.hangman
It can also be downloaded for Win, OSX and for Android APK at http://www.video-games.io/hangman/

If you're interested in what I used, the tools are here http://www.video-games.io/about/

The game is free, there are no ads. It's just a learning experience but I like to imagine / hope there's some old guy or lady out there somewhere who downloads it and enjoys it enough to play it from time to time. That'd make me happy.

I hope this is ok to post. I'm not trying to promote anything financially, simply to say I did it. I made a simple game and finished it. I know it's got some bugs that made it in, it's got some design issues, it's got faults. That's ok though. I'm ready to move on and take on game #2 now.

Thanks again to my Q A friends, your help has been hugely appreciated.

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