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For some reason contact monitor of my RigidBody only returns several collisions if there are several bodies touching - that doesn't seem right. Contact monitor is set to true, contacts reported is set to 8. My RigidBody's collision shape is sphere and terrain is low-poly, meaning at least sometimes there should be 2 contacts, when going from one adjacent face to another. But no, it's never more than 1, meaning it's only 1 or 0 when in air. Docs specifically say that collisions and contacts are different, but that doesn't seem to be the case. That behaviour is independent of the RigidBody's mode. I've tried it with and without continuous collision detection - results don't differ. I request current contacts in the _IntegrateForces() - does that have anything to do with the problem? Custom integrator is off, so it doesn't override physics completely.

Godot version 3.3 Mono
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It seems that contacts don't get reported in default physics engine. This problem is fixed by simply changing the physics engine to GodotPhysics instead of DEFAULT/Bullet. Go to Project -> Project Settings... -> General (you should be on General by default) -> Physics -> 3d -> Physics Engine -> GodotPhysics

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