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Hi all,

I'm not sure what the best move is here. I'm JUST about to release my first game.
It's all working fine in debug mode (running from within Godot).

When I build though (android and OS X) the score being written to the options.CFG file doesn't seem to work.

Is there some option that I need to tick, a permission thing or similar? I don't know where to look to be honest.

Thanks so much....

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Where are you saving this file? Do you use the user:// storage location as suggested in http://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/engine/saving_games.html#saving-and-reading-data ?

ahhh no I'm not! I'm using

var file_to_save= "res://configuration.cfg"

So it's that easy. I'll go check it out when in front of PC and get back. Thank you!

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Credit goes to Zylann for the correct answer.
For future reference to help others here it is:

var file_to_save= "user://configuration.cfg"

(I was using var file_to_save= "res://configuration.cfg"). It's now saving and retrieving the data from the file on android and mac when built. Thanks Zylann. Much appreciated

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