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How to get explosive ring with particles 3D, I'm using godot 2.2 beta custom built from github

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Turn on emission and turn off after a short while?

Bad answer, was confused by 2D particles...

Set explosiveness to 0, spread 180, gravity strength 0 and lot
of particles (amount)

Particles 3D has no explosiveness option in editor or script

True o.o, i'll turn into comment...

Oh, and by ring you mean something like a torus? a ring on a plane?

Like a explosive ring, I can do this with emit from mesh/node, But I don't want the particles to be emitted more than once

I have seen that is possible to make a kind of "circle" of emission points but need some time to fill it and won't be a pure circle, maybe you will need to make your own emmiter that moves a set of nodes (using Sprite3D, Quad or ImmediateGeometry to make the pseudo particles).

ps: maybe a shader based solution could be better but don't know how

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