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I can't find an answer to this anywhere. When I choose fullscreen resolution, my game does not actually fill the screen. Does anyone know why this could be?

My project settings:

The game:

I should add that I definitely have a 1920x1080 monitor.

I would be happy to answer any questions.

Godot version v3.3-stable_win64
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What are your stretch settings from that same menu? (Project Settings > General > Display > Window > Stretch)

Strange. Have you tried setting it full screen, saving the project then restarting your editor?

Mode: 2d
Aspect: keep (I've tried all the other options here)
Shrink: 1

Yes, I have. It is strange indeed.

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Try OS.window_maximized = true or OS.window_fullscreen = true and see which one works.

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OS.window_maximized = true worked, thanks!

tysm I've been looking long time for this :)

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