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I have some WindowDialogs I want players to be able to leave open while they do other things which require input outside the dialog. I can't seem to find a property on the WindowDialog that forces it to stay open in such a case. Does such a thing exist?

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AFAIK, no for now.

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Call show() instead of popup() to display the WindowDialog non-modally (i.e. without having it close on focus exit).

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OMG, just like that simple? :) didn't know that...

I wanted to add to this since I've been banging my head on a related problem.

If you are using show instead of popup, you can use set_position and set_size prior to showing to position the window properly.

When you hide the window, instead of reacting to the hide_popup signal, you have to react to hide instead.

This works with exclusive dialogs as well. Cheers

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