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Hi, I try to create an image with float data in it (32bit Format.RF).

I have an array of float, I need to transform it in an array of bytes (PoolByteArray) to pass it as parameter of create_from_data() so I can create the image.

Here is what I did :

    var byte_array:PoolByteArray
for i in range(layer_count):
    var arr = []
    for j in range(neuron_max):

var wimg = Image.new()
wimg.create_from_data(neuron_max,layer_count,false, Image.FORMAT_RF, weights)

Error :

E 0:00:02.567   create: Expected data size of 108 bytes in Image::create(), got instead 3 bytes.

Thank you for your precious help !

Godot version 3.3
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You created byte_array, but passed weights to create_from_data method. Shouldn't it be wimg.create_from_data(neuron_max,layer_count,false, Image.FORMAT_RF, byte_array)?

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