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Recently, my code gave me this error:
Attempt to remote call unexisting ID
I understand this is because the client had disconnected before the rpc_id call. So now, i think there is a problem.
I would technically need to test if a client is still connected before every rpc_id call if i don't want any error, but wouldn't that affect performances ? (especially for constantly sending important data like player position)
All rpc call return an empty variant but i think it could be used to return an Error instead, like the File object.

But for now, what should i do ?

Godot version 3.3
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Store your connected peers to a dictionary or array and remove them from said storage on disconnect or use sceneTree's get_network_connected_peers()

Then before an rpc_id call do a verification check

if id in connected_peers:
    rpc_id(id, "send_important_data", data)

Such a check would be in micro seconds an wouldn't affect performance in the slightest

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