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Do you know of a better method to get "my_resource"?

static func get_name(resource: Resource):

    var resource_name = resource.resource_path # "res://path/my_resource.tres"
    resource_name = resource_name.split("/")  # ["res:", "path", "my_resource.tres"]
    resource_name = Array(resource_name)
    resource_name = resource_name.back() # "my_resource.tres"
    resource_name = resource_name.trim_suffix(".tres") # "my_resource"

    return resource_name
Godot version 3.3
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1 Answer

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static func get_name(resource: Resource):
    return resource.resource_path.get_file().trim_suffix('.tres')

As a general rule of thumb, if you have something that works in a non-performance critical section of you code, you shouldn't necessarily worry about optimizing it.

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Nice solution. Thanks.

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