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I'm making a game and I want it so that when the player dies the enemy taunts the player with 1 of 12 quotes. I wanted the quotes to be random so you don't hear the same sentece said over and over. But I have zero clue to do that. I have a node called clip with 12 audiostreamplayers as its child all with the name clip with a number after it. I would love some help please

Godot version 2.3.2
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So first off you don't need twelve audio players, you just need one. There's a doc page that explains rng. Just load all the lines into an array and pick one at random.

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var player = AudioStreamPlayer.new()
var audio_stream_array = [all, of, my, audio, stream, objects]
var clip_to_play = audio_stream_array[randi() % audio_stream_array.size()]

player could be accessed from scene tree using something like $AudioStreamPlayer or get_node("AudioStreamPlayer") if that's the way you're used to doing so

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It looks to me that the line


is where you get a song. Since the loop variable, i is how you are currently getting the songs you can instead use it to index your random sequence. So, you can put it before the loop and index it to get the random values you want.

for i=1:length(audiofiles)

I removed everything else from the randomizer code you posted since I am pretty sure it is unnecessary.

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