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Hi all,

Any ideas why OS.alert() won't work on Android ? but runs fine under Linux and mac OS ?

I am using Android 5.0 Lollipop (official from manufacturer) and the call is silently ignored...


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For 2.1.1, OS.alert() just prints in log.

from os_android.cpp

void OS_Android::alert(const String& p_alert) {
    print("ALERT: %s\n",p_alert.utf8().get_data());
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Ok, so this is planned for version 3.0 which has no official due date...

Any unofficial / estimation of when this version will be released ?


I guess 2.1.2 or something will be release soon or later, because of 2.1.1 has some bugs which was not in 2.1.
I hope next 2.1.x release have this patch.

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Confirmed: OS.alert(...) works now with 2.1.2 on Android as a popup with title, text and an OK button.

void alert ( String text, String title=”Alert!” )

Displays a modal dialog box utilizing the host OS.

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How about iOS ?

It's already implemented. It should be included in v. 2.1.4.

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