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does any one here know how i can optimize my game's export size in godot 3.3 mono version ?.
i tried building godot mono from source as mentioned in the docs :
it works fine but when i add the optimization commands as mentioned in the docs (but for mono version):
i ran into a problem when i used this command :

scons platform=x11 target=release_debug tools=yes optimize=speed mono_glue=no mono_prefix=/opt/mono/ module_gridmap_enabled=no module_hdr_enabled=no module_jpg_enabled=no module_jsonrpc_enabled=no module_mobile_vr_enabled=no module_mono_enabled=yes module_ogg_enabled=no module_opensimplex_enabled=no module_opus_enabled=no module_regex_enabled=yes module_stb_vorbis_enabled=no module_tga_enabled=no module_theora_enabled=no module_tinyexr_enabled=no module_upnp_enabled=no module_visual_script_enabled=no module_vorbis_enabled=no module_webm_enabled=no module_webp_enabled=no no_editor_splash=yes -j3

it compiled well but when it's finished, i needed to generate the glue using :

bin/godot.x11.opt.tools.64.mono --generate-mono-glue modules/mono/glue

i get this error : symbol lookup error: /lib64/libmonosgen-2.0.so.1: undefined symbol: _ZTIPi
but when i build with this command only :

``` scons platform=x11 target=release_debug tools=yes mono_glue=no mono_prefix=/opt/mono/

everything works just fine, but i don't need to build the engine from source if i am not getting any size optimization.
Any body Can help me with this ?

Godot version 3.3-stable
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Try building while progressively disabling modules one by one, and stop when it breaks.

it would take my too much time, i don't have a good laptop, but i'll try to do that and share the results

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hi i think you must download the standard version

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you mean the one with only GDscript ? but i want to use C# not only gdscript, how would i use gdscript if i only compile the standard version.

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