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Here is a code i thinked about:

if (Bullet is spawned/exists for 5 seconds):
Godot version Godot 3.2.3 stable win64
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So i found out how to do it, just add timer to object and then this piece of code.

func _ready():
$Timer.connect("timeout", self, "queue_free")

The rest of answers didn't work for idk what reason

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Sure ! You can create a timer for that either by code or by adding Timer node in your Bullet scene. I think you should add a Timer node in your Bullet Scene. How ? Select your Bullet Scene and add a Timer node to it just like you add Sprite, CollisionBody2D etc nodes. After that select that Timer Node and go to Inspector Tab on the rightmost part of engine where you can set the Wait Time to 5 and One Shot to true. After this just go to Node Tab that is on the right side of Inspector tab and under signals connect the timeout to your bullet script. It will create a function in your bullet script where you simply have to add queue_free() statement

You can also make a Timer using code like this :

func _ready():
    bullet_free_timer = Timer.new()
    bullet_free_timer.set_wait_time(5) # 5 seconds wait time
    shoot_timer.connect("timeout", self, "remove_bullet")

func remove_bullet():
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Add a Timer to your bullet

func _ready():
    $Timer.one_shot = true
    $Timer.autostart = true
    $Timer.wait_time = 2.0

func _on_Timer_timeout():
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