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I have a main scene with two children. One of the children is an instance of a board, which is made up of instances of a single space. The single space has a script. The other child of the main scene is another instanced scene. I want a signal to be sent by the space's script to the other instanced scene in the main scene.

When the mouse enters any one of the spaces on the board, I want the signal in the space script to be sent to the other child. How can I do this?

Godot version 3.2.3
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I think I've got it. preloaded the space scene in the main scene.

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I understand there are 2 ways to connect signals:

  1. Via the inspector
  2. Programatically

To do it via the inspector all the nodes need to be present in the scene tree for you to be able to reference them.

Are they all in the same scene? If so follow this guide to connect the signals:

Where is another useful introduction to signals by GDquest:

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